and development


Alcass devotes great care to R&D activities.
We are aware that the degree of innovation is essential for the development of the company itself.
Thanks to a profitably research and development work, it is possible to spread our offer across new markets and sectors, in order to satisfy the needs of customers which are increasingly specific.
On the one hand the R&D function enshrines design activities aimed to manufacturing diversification, and conversely to satisfy new needs arising or triggered by the emerging market.

Latest products are shaped according to the demand as well as to the current global marketing and consumption trends.

In the course of time foodstuff industry requirements have led to important changes in demand, such as the growing vocation towards the use of genuine ingredients and manufacturing techniques.

Aware of the fact that our customers deserve attention, we concentrate resources so that requests can be processed by achieving customized commodities for any need, while complying with the principles of quality and health that the use of deep-freezing is suitable to guarantee.

Alcass has always been a strong innovator in the frozen food sector, the accuracy and investment as for R&D activities enabled to create a productive, effective, streamlined and truly flexible manufacturing plant. This tangibly means being able to meet to the different market requirements quickly and with excellent results.

Innovation, timely and efficient response to the demands, have given us the opportunity to consolidate lasting business relationships and steadily establish new ones, in Italy, within any foreign country and especially in the United States.

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