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Alcass boasts an efficient penetration in the distribution network of the Italian, European and international agri-food market.

Thanks to its consolidated experience in the art of deep-freezing and a growing attention to market innovations, it is one of the leading market players in the LSD, eatery, food service, manufacturing, catering as well as collective restoration domains.

Another important field is the private label, to which we dedicate our best skills in terms of design, manufacturing, development and management of packaging and logistics.

From the customer’s idea, to research and development as well as quality assurance, we create the ultimate recipe for any new products, including private label ones. In the following industrialization process, we monitor it along the entire production chain up to final packaging.

We are leading partners for the most important brands of Italian and International Large-Scale Distribution traders.

For over 30 years we have been the reference partners for the most important traders of Large-Scale Distribution and Organized Retail as regards private, national and international brand manufacturing.

Alcass produces a wide range under the Amica Natura brand, synonymous with sustainable nutrition and high quality raw materials.
Discover our different ranges of frozen foodstuffs: the Classic meat-based, the Organic, the Vegetarian and the Vegan ones.

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